About the author


I’m a US Navy submariner, turned construction manager, turned capital controller, turned fund manager, turned marketer. It’s admittedly an odd path to take, but there’s a common thread: spreadsheets. But beyond a fondness for math, I’ve a long standing passion for technology and automation. Case in point, I hosted a bulletin board system (BBS) in the early 90s on an IBM PCjr. (Feel free to email me if you want to talk Trade Wars.)

I left the fund management world for a variety reasons, but mostly because there’s very little room for creativity or dynamism in investments and especially real estate. I also recognized that marketing was just beginning to undergo a change from fluff to facts and the world was presenting me with an opportunity to flex my creative muscles while still feeding my number crunching tendencies.

High margins and increased competition for business’s attention brings increased marketing and sales investments, which creates a need to measure and optimize those investments. All of which is far removed from the traditional way of thinking about marketing (i.e. buying blue pens).

Here is a link to a comprehensive resume.