Inbound Selling


Just like marketing, sales processes are different depending on how the prospect reached you.

Inbound Sales Actions

  • IDENTIFY — Strangers > Leads: Identifying the right business opportunities from the start can be the difference between a thriving business and a failing one. It also helps salespeople create a predictable, scalable sales funnel.
  • CONNECT — Leads > Qualified Leads: Legacy salespeople focus their prospecting efforts on cold emails and voicemails. These types of cold outreach highlight the same generic elevator pitch and entice the buyer with a discount or promotional. Inbound salespeople focus on nurturing the relationship. (legacy: hunters; inbound: farmers)
  • EXPLORE — Qualified Leads > Opportunities: In the “Explore” stage of the Inbound Sales Methodology, you need to guide an exploratory conversation so that you’re in control, but your prospect feels like they are being empowered to.
  • ADVISE — Opportunities > Customers: Inbound salespeople advise prospects on why their offering is uniquely positioned to address the buyer’s context. By sticking to a generic script, legacy salespeople fail to represent their strategy.

Sales process

A repeatable set of steps the sales team takes with a prospect to move them from early stage to a closed customer.

  • Stages are the buyer’s process, not the seller’s steps
  • Each stage is self-explanatory and easy to understand
  • As the stages advance, meaningful progress is made toward a purchase decision.
  • There are identifiable differences between each stage, and there are objective exit criteria for both the buyer and the seller
  • Some amount of flexibility in order based on the buyer’s needs?
  • Based on and driven by data