B2B Marketing Copywriter


You have a proven track record of creating meaningful content that connects emotionally and converts into measurable business results. 

But you are driven by more.

You are customer-centric. You are passionate about customers as people, aiming to help their careers as they help their business.

You are curious. New subject matter doesn’t intimidate you, it motivates you get to its essential meaning. You absorb information like a sponge. You know how to channel your curiosity for the best business results by knowing when to go deeper or add more polish – and when good enough is good enough to move onto a new challenge.

You are incisive. You quickly get to the essence in both your research and writing. 

You are a journalist. You get to the heart, quickly. You instinctively know what questions to ask subject matter experts, and aren’t afraid to ask the most basic of them. And this may not be a metaphor – you may indeed be a journalist ready for something new. 

You are an editor. You know the difference between proofreading, copy-editing, and substantial editing – and when to use each. You shape and protect the voice of the brand.

You are fast. You are a curious and fast learner that knows when more depth and quality are called for, and when to simplify or get creative to meet deadlines.

You know the difference between simple and simplistic.

You are mentally agile. You use your left brain to decipher what content performance metrics are really telling you, and your right-brain to craft written and visual stories that connect emotionally to your target. Which then moves the metrics in the right direction.

You are data-driven. You know which metrics matter. You can use them to test ideas, fine tune placement, garner internal support. But you know their limits, and when to go with your gut.

You are digital. You stay abreast of media and channels. You know when to place what where. You play the interwebs like an orchestra, from earned to paid to owned media.

You are collaborative. You have pride in your work, but you are not prideful. You make constructive use of feedback, and don’t take it personally. But you know when and how much to push back when the company and customers need you to.

You are professional. Demand for your talents far exceeds your capacity, so you know how to have adult conversations with stakeholders about priorities. And you find creative ways to get more done. 

You get it done. You do your best work in a fast paced, dynamic environment. In the face of uncertainty and open questions you have an overwhelming bias for action, creative solutions and collaborative problem-solving. 

You are a thought leader. You find interesting and valid patterns that customers will find intriguing and useful.

You are empathetic. You learn what makes each persona tick. You understand their objections so you can address them. You understand what motivates them so you can inspire. 

You are strategic. You can find the sweet spot in a Venn diagram where “solving your customers’ problems” and “solving your company’s problem” intersect. Your content accelerate the buyer’s journey. You want to shape thinking. Frame the debate. Change minds.

You are passionate. And can channel the passion of others. It comes through in your writing as genuine, maybe even subtle. And it is contagious.

You are operational. You find ways to build a more efficient, repeatable approaches for yourself and others. You want to scale so you can have more impact. 

You think end-to-end. You shape content into different forms for different channels, from blogs to ebooks and social promotion to infographics.

You are multidimensional. You collaborate with designers and video producers to inspire content-rich visual and interactive assets.

You are not all these things. Who is? But you’re always working to get there.


  • Write and edit copy for blog posts and ebooks
  • Get fluent and stay current on technologies, business concepts, and trends
  • Editing of almost anything
  • Recruit ideas and content from Product and Services teams as well as Customers
  • Plan and execute content strategies
  • Monitor content metrics to continuously improve content quality, targeting and placement


  • 5+ years writing and content placement
  • B2B content marketing role and/or digital media company experience
  • Knowledge of how to get the most mileage from B2B social channels and trends
  • CMS, SEO and website architecture experience highly desired