Content and Storytelling


Copywriters don’t create demand. We channel existing demand. We’re not paddling, we’re sailing. We put up our sails and let the wind take us. So many businesses make the fatal mistake of trying to ram a product down the throats of a market because they think it’s a great product. It never works. What does work — and what produces phenomenal results — is getting to know the demand and the needs and wants and dreams and desires of people and crafting products that satisfy those needs and crafting ads that speak to those needs.

Ken McCarthy, Internet Marketer and Certified Lunatic

Types of content

Content that helps close deals addresses this challenging buying environment and falls into one of four identified types:

  • Prescriptive content eases the customers’ buying journey by helping to identify and address common buying obstacles.
  • Connecting content helps customers in complex buying groups identify and overcome points of disagreement and reach consensus on a purchase.
  • Motivating content encourages the most likely supporters of your solution to fight on behalf of you as a supplier within large and diverse buying groups.
  • Disruptive content breaks through the noise surrounding customers by showing them how to compete more effectively in a way that a supplier’s solution uniquely enables.

The best sales conversation presents the customer with a compelling story about their business first, teaches them a new perspective, connects this with their reality, and then leads to how it can be realized via unique differentiating capabilities.

The Challenger Methodology

Content Merchandising (Per Topic)

Small (Social Sharing, Email)

  • Infographics / Quick stats
  • Tips post/video
  • Quiz

Medium (Republish on LinkedIn/Medium; Guest Blogs; Podcast; Content Syndication; Earned; Organic)

  • Blog
  • Webinar
  • Case studies
  • Expert Roundup
  • Best practices guides
  • Analyst reports

Large (Advertising; Paid; Organic; Earned; Audiobook; Slideshare; Direct Mail)

  • Skyscraper page
  • Whitepaper
  • Online Course
  • eBook (from blog posts)

Extra Large (Print; Audiobook; Advertising; Earned; Organic; Direct Mail)

  • Book (from ebooks)

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